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The One Man Army Radical Redemption Minus Is More (CLDG2015034)
9th of November, 2015
The 9 Circles Warface End of Line (EOL016)
28th of September, 2015
Lose Control Wildstylez Lose Control Music (LCMCD001)
12th of June, 2015
Shock And Awe The Pitcher Fusion Records (FusionCD 007)
11th of May, 2015
Enter The Typhoon Typhoon Xtreme Records (XTREMECD01)
6th of April, 2015
Visions Of Hardstyle Volume 1 The Vision Dirty Workz (DWXCD-04)
1st of December, 2014
New World Order Zatox Q-Dance (QCD004)
14th of November, 2014
Art Of War Warface End of Line (EOL004)
8th of November, 2014
Point Break Hard Driver Dirty Workz (DWXCD-03)
10th of October, 2014
Demolition Of Silence Titan presents Titanomachy Fusion Records (FusionCD 006)
29th of September, 2014
Louder The Prophet Scantraxx (SCCD010)
4th of April, 2014
All Around Noisecontrollers Q-Dance (QCD001)
14th of March, 2014
Evolution Of Style Brennan Heart WE R (WERDVD001)
10th of January, 2014
Music Rules The Noize Phuture Noize Anarchy (DWXCD-02)
22nd of November, 2013
The Spell Of Sin Radical Redemption Minus Is More (CLDG2013508)
15th of November, 2013
A² Records Unleashed Once Again VA A² Records (SCCD009)
20th of September, 2013
Planet Zany Zany Fusion Records (FusionCD 005)
1st of October, 2012
Annihilate Radical Redemption Minus Is More (MINUS010)
28th of January, 2012
Till Daybreak Meets Toneshifterz Fusion Records (FusionCD 004)
12th of December, 2011
Substantial Machinery The Machine Sys-X Records (SYS-X 22)
6th of June, 2011
A² Records Unleashed VA A² Records (SCCD005)
23rd of May, 2011