Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I register an account?
To join the society and start commenting on everything you can think of. Also keep in mind we're constantly building more features which are mostly for users only.

I have news?
Awesome, we do too! If you have a pressrelease or anyhting newsrelated, check the bottom of the page for 'Press & Events'

Player is not working
That's too bad, fortunately we have alternative methods like iTunes en Windows Media Player you can listen with. You can find those on the bottom of the player screen. If you think it's an error, please contact us!

Questions regarding Hardstyle 2000
Is the Hardstyle 2000 only based on peoples votes?
Yes it is! We don't use any other information such as sales, downloads or whatever you might think of. We want to HS2000 to be real, and the only way to do so, is to only use the casted votes. We do keep one thing in mind though, which is that if a track is older (seperated by year) it gets more points. This is just to keep the list from getting too '2014'.

What you guys do with my emailaddress?
This might scare you but... nothing. We want your vote, that's all! We do however send you a reminder when the HS2000 is about to start, so you don't forget about us!

When is the HS2000 and can I watch?
This years edition is from the 28th of december till the 4th of january 2015. The event will be broadcasted via YouTube for non-stop LIVE video and there is even a seperated audiostream if you want the best quality sound.

In order to become a RevulsionFM resident you need create a set which has at least 5 tracks in it and is mixed together. Also make sure it's Hardstyle ;) The rest is up you! You can fill out your details and upload your set below.