Full tracklist revealed from A-Lusion's new album

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Published: 25th of October 2014 22:12 Print This Article

A-Lusion revealed the tracklist for #OITO3, his album which is scheduled to be released on the 21st of November this year. The album is part of the series Out In The Open which he started back in 2012. The diversity on the album is pretty huge since it covers both the euphoric and raw sound of Hardstyle.

Tracklist #OITO3:
01. A-lusion ft. M'Key – All Around Us
02. A-lusion & Betavoice – Get Crazy
03. A-lusion – In Every Place (2014 mix)
04. A-lusion – Good To Be Free
05. A-lusion ft. Jannika – Untouchable
06. A-lusion & S-Dee – All These Symbols
07. A-lusion ft. Adamo Fiscella – As High As
08. A-lusion ft. Lottie Mae Jones – Brand New Day
09. A-lusion & Tyro Maniac ft. Rosli – Young & Fearless
10. A-lusion & Scope DJ – Tears Will Dry
11. A-lusion – Music in Motion
12. A-lusion ft. Paolo Francisco – Energize
13. A-lusion – Back To The Future
14. A-lusion – Auditory Phenomena
15. A-lusion – Are You Ready
16. A-lusion – Pushing On
17. A-lusion & Luna – You Do Not Control Me
18. A-lusion – The Final Act
19. A-lusion – Sloopwerk

The album will be released on his own recordlabel, Lussive Music, and will be in stores and downloadportals on the 21st of November 2014.

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