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Published: 28th of November 2014 15:11 Print This Article

Wildstylez woke up every hardstyle lover in Finland again. There might be not so many HS-party's in Helsinki but when there is, people will show their happiness with a great energy. The dance floor at Circus was filled and it seemed that DJ's enjoyed it as much as the crowd. We were glad to see how hardstyle is getting to take a place in Finland too. Even a complete night wasn't enough for Helsinki, in the end people were craving for more and more.

We also got a change to interview Wildstylez (Joram Metekohy) and the organizer of the party (Harri Proteus)


When was the first Hardstyle-event in Finland and was it successful?

There have been Hardstyle parties many years in Finland but two years ago we started it big with bigger Hardstyle names. We wanted to try something new and it was worth the risk.

Is Hardstyle already getting big in Finland?

Of course, Finland is a bit behind compared to some other countries but Hardstyle is growing here constantly. Big names will always drag people in.

Are the events nowadays bigger than the ones two years ago?

Yes, now there was a big line in front of the door waiting for the party to start, nevertheless the first event was also successful. More people is now aware of hardstyle, though.

Do you have something to say about the future of Hardstyle in Finland?

Well, we always need to be a bit careful when organizing a HS-event in Finland but hopefully we will just get more party's and big names at Circus. If Hardstyle keeps growing like it's been doing during the two years, the future looks bright.

Photo and Article by Pauliina Lauri.

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