Wildstylez Interview at Club Circus, Helsinki

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Published: 25th of November 2014 21:29 Print This Article

Wildstylez in Club Circus Helsinki, the only thing I have to say about it is "he came, he saw, he conquered". What a party! After his set we had some time to ask him some questions.

What are the big differences between the crowd in Finland and the crowd in the Netherlands?

People just go a bit more crazy on smaller events, I think that's because there are not that many events in Finland and it keeps it special.

Do you have to play different music in Finland than you do in the Netherlands?

A bit, I need to listen to what other artists play so I won't have the same music as them. As for the rest, I can play what I like and I think is good. I just have a bit more freedom with my music.

Is Hardstyle still growing or do you think it reached its highest point?

I think it's still growing, but I have the feeling we have to take a step back, bring the hardstyle a little back to its roots. A lot of producers chose the harder side of hardstyle nowadays but abroad it doesn't work that well in my opinion.

We heard that you are working on a new genre, do you have something to say about it and what can you fans expect?

First I want to say that I never told I'm making a new genre, I am going to change a bit but if it's going to be a complete different genre I don't know. I think there is need for more mainstream so that's what I want to do but different I will make go music between 132bpm and 145bpm, so what it exactly is going to be will be a surprise.

What does this mean for your recordlabel Lose Control Music, are you still going to release the new tracks on it?

I will release what I think is good and what I like, it will not change Lose Control Music.

Photo by: Pauliina Lauri. Article by Luc Jacobs

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