The Anarchist moves to A² Records

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Published: 20th of November 2014 15:25 Print This Article

DJ and producer The Anarchist is taking things to the next level. In comes a focus on what it's all about: vigorous and powerful Hardstyle, out goes the edgy look that might have had people dazed a little. After a successful Scantraxx membership, the past few months have shown that his new image harmonizes with another label. A² records is the one and only perfect match and The Anarchist has got a fine line of upcoming releases to prove that.

His most recent track 'Shadow World Government" relishes lots of A² members' support already. As well as his first showcase last October, joined by the entire A² crew. Being part of this Record label, he will be casting a live performance as well. His move to A² Records really was the perfect decision to get where The Anarchist should and wants to be.

His first release on A² Records will be previewed in this month's Digital Punk- Unleashed Episode, which will air on November 14th. Previews will follow shortly after.

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