Wildstylez: 'I actually want to create my own genre'

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Published: 25th of October 2014 02:55 Print This Article

Wildstylez did a short interview for the Amsterdam Music Festival where he got to close the evening. One remarkable thing he mentioned in his interview is that he wants to go softer where others go harder.

I personally strive to bring Hardstyle in a broader fashion. I actually want to create my own genre, at a lower BPM. The trend in Hardstyle is to go harder and harder. But why not go the other way? The sound will keep evolving, let's see how far I can take it.

This statement actually made quite an impact on the fans which didn't respond well. People replied on the statement with things such as comparing him to Headhunterz who is currently working with House artists like W&W and Martin Garrix.

Wildstylez posted a status update on Facebook regarding his interview

Reading that I'm going to quit hardstyle.. Well I'm not!! But where others go harder and faster, I'm going a little slower and a little less hard like back in the days..

It's unknown if this decision affects his recordlabel: Lose Control Music

Article   2 Comments